Developer Experience Cloud Native - Swap Deployment for easy development of complex applications

When developing complex cloud applications, the question often arises: how/where should I install my database, my cache service (e.g., Redis), and other systems (e.g., Kafka) that I need for programming the actual application? As a developer, however, I also have to think about how I can ensure an identical local development environment. The whole thing should be done with a reasonable effort and guarantee that the development environment is equal to the cloud environment. After the application is built for the cloud (Kubernetes) and the necessary systems are installed there, it would make sense to develop your own application as close to the same cluster as possible. So-called swap deployment tools, such as Telepresence or BridgeToKubernetes, have recently been developed for this purpose. This means that, despite the local IDE, the systems in the cluster can be used for programming, and an equal development environment can be ensured. Alternatively, kubefwd can also be used to access the cluster very easily. In this session, the various tools will be presented and their functionality will be explained. The conclusion is then the comparison and evaluation of the presented tools.

Developer Experience Cloud Native - Swap Deployment für die einfache Entwicklung komplexer Anwendungen