Service Mesh with Istio - A short introduction


In this short introductory workshop, the service mesh tool Istio and its architecture will be presented. In addition to theory, the first Istio rules for traffic management are shown in demos. In order not to lose the overview, the service mesh is graphically displayed with Kiali. Finally, it is explained how the ingress into the Kubernetes cluster can succeed with Istio and what possibilities Istio offers to set up a zero-trust environment.


  • Introduction to Service Mesh
  • Introduction sidecar and first basic rules for traffic management (VirtualService, DestinationRule)
  • Visualisation with Kiali
  • Istio Ingress Gateway
  • Establishing a zero trust environment

Target audience and prerequisites

Developers with interests in microservices and maybe with first experiences in handling more services.

Manager and architects who have to decide which tools and concepts they want to use to manage the challenges of a Service Mesh.


The workshop can be conducted on-site. Please get in touch for further questions or inquiries.