New Ways to Production: Stress-free Evolution of Your Own Cloud Applications

Deploying new versions of your cloud applications in an orderly, stable and thus stress-free and risk-free manner into the production environment should be the goal of every development team. If this is done together with the appropriate test strategies, without the downtime and fully automated, the basis for high-frequency release changes is created. A service mesh tool such as Istio offers the necessary support for various deployment strategies: canary, A/B testing (HTTP headers routing), and blue/green (traffic mirroring). When you combine that with a progressive delivery operator like Flagger, the automation increases even further. Hotfixes and hectic release rollbacks are a thing of the past.

In this session, the different release and test strategies are presented in more detail. In addition, it will be shown how the integration of Istio and Flagger can take place and what benefits result from it.

DevOps Experience Day 2022: DevOps Experience Day